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Rotors Pads Service and Installation

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Rotors Pads Service and Installation

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Quick Muffler uses Wagner products which provides premium rotors and drums that either match or exceed the specifications of the original equipment parts. These parts achieve improved stopping power, increased life for both the pad/shoe and rotor/drum, and reduced pulsation, resulting in less noise.
Wagner rotors and drums have precision-machined surfaces and superior metallurgy. For even better results, combine premium Wagner rotors and drums with the quiet performance of premium ThermoQuiet® pads.


The brake pads are designed for high friction with brake pad material embedded in the disc in the process of bedding while wearing evenly.
The brake pads must usually be replaced regularly (depending on pad material), and most are equipped with a method of alerting the driver when this needs to take place. Some have a thin piece of soft metal that causes the brakes to squeal when the pads are too thin, while others have a soft metal tab embedded in the pad material that closes an electric circuit and lights a warning light when the brake pad gets thin. More expensive cars may use an electronic sensor.

Brake Pads

The brake caliper is the assembly which houses the brake pads and pistons. The pistons are usually made of aluminum or chrome-plated iron. There are two types of calipers: floating or fixed. A fixed caliper does not move relative to the disc. It uses one or more pairs of pistons to clamp from each side of the disc, and is more complex and expensive than a floating caliper.

Brake Caliper

We also provide complete maintenance services for all types of cars and trucks, including oil changes, brake work, suspensions, lowering springs, struts and shocks work.

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